A Pleasant Surprise from A Special Someone…

Lately I’ve been busy with work and I’ve officially ended my internship!! Yay!!!! Basically I think everyone in the company dislikes me because of my job… I’m like the DAI YI LONG in my company, always after information from someone and urging them to reply. Luckily I have a kind and tolerant supervisor who teaches me how to do things wisely.

Now, what have I accomplished in Maxis….

We had our buka puasa in chinoz πŸ™‚ and successfully made every other intern ignored us…

 Xin Yi ❀

Su Ean ❀ I should thank you for doing stupid stuffs with me in the office. You’re a sport πŸ™‚

Our buka puasa meal! Yummy!

We stuffed ourselves with more deserts… We told ourselves to eat till Maxis broke! Which is impossible…

Um… not sure if that’s for charity…

My first time giving training to Maxis Staffs… I think its boring and confusing… ζˆ‘Hold不住場青 and everyone hates me more now 😦 … But I am touched that they gave me an okay rating. Thank you!

Our biased dice to help us decide on what to eat for Lunch.

Us ❀

Maxis Blackberry shirts.

Ice cream day! I was forced to eat 2 ice creams!!! the malay uncle beside my cubicle pushed the 2nd ice cream to me πŸ˜› He is a nice uncle πŸ™‚ Told me to run upstairs to get free Maxis T-shirts and I of course did ran up πŸ˜€ Thank you!

Cute little furry bear ❀ Love it!

When my mom saw that someone sent flowers to me she was so happy! Nice flowers πŸ™‚

Yes I hope to receive flowers again someday… Maybe graduation πŸ™‚

Thaaanks!!! ❀ My mom opened my present before I did =.=”

Thank you for sending me these, I really appreciate it. Totally made my day!

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