A Pleasant Surprise from A Special Someone…

Lately I’ve been busy with work and I’ve officially ended my internship!! Yay!!!! Basically I think everyone in the company dislikes me because of my job… I’m like the DAI YI LONG in my company, always after information from someone and urging them to reply. Luckily I have a kind and tolerant supervisor who teaches me how to do things wisely.

Now, what have I accomplished in Maxis….

We had our buka puasa in chinoz 🙂 and successfully made every other intern ignored us…

 Xin Yi ❤

Su Ean ❤ I should thank you for doing stupid stuffs with me in the office. You’re a sport 🙂

Our buka puasa meal! Yummy!

We stuffed ourselves with more deserts… We told ourselves to eat till Maxis broke! Which is impossible…

Um… not sure if that’s for charity…

My first time giving training to Maxis Staffs… I think its boring and confusing… 我Hold不住場面 and everyone hates me more now 😦 … But I am touched that they gave me an okay rating. Thank you!

Our biased dice to help us decide on what to eat for Lunch.

Us ❤

Maxis Blackberry shirts.

Ice cream day! I was forced to eat 2 ice creams!!! the malay uncle beside my cubicle pushed the 2nd ice cream to me 😛 He is a nice uncle 🙂 Told me to run upstairs to get free Maxis T-shirts and I of course did ran up 😀 Thank you!

Cute little furry bear ❤ Love it!

When my mom saw that someone sent flowers to me she was so happy! Nice flowers 🙂

Yes I hope to receive flowers again someday… Maybe graduation 🙂

Thaaanks!!! ❤ My mom opened my present before I did =.=”

Thank you for sending me these, I really appreciate it. Totally made my day!


Signs of The End of The World….

Helloo!!!! Today I’d like to share some pictures I found on the internet. Pictures that MUST be shared!! Pictures that indicates that the END is near……

WTF!!! I wonder why the baby didn’t cry.. Having a mom like that! I would freak out and my childhood would be GOOOONEEEE! Maybe the baby felt as if she was watching scary movie! PARENTING – FAIL!!!!!

Another PARENTING FAIL picture 😦 What kind of dad is he??? Poor baby scared till he cried! No money till need to eat own baby? No money then don’t make babies!!! Later the baby scared till pee on the bread then you go eat the bread!!!!

This picture  was actually taken from “Pictures that make you go OMG!” album. Er….. Isn’t this the Royal Family of Malaysia? WHAT is this? Carriage or Car with Mamak store umbrella?
Signs that the End of the World is NEAR. WTF So friggin young act till so old?! So Damn Yucky! The more I look at this picture the more I feel like slapping their mom. I used to make up for my sister and stuff… but I don’t remember dressing her up to be like these freaks!!!

Went for lunch at Cold Storage today, getting tired of the bad food served in Cold Storage. Also, the bad food in K-Avenue food court and the Nyonya shop beside little taiwan. I wonder which Restaurant uses real food! I can’t eat a soup mee with the soup looking like soap water! (with bubbles and rainbow color when light shines on it!) I want real and cheap food! I think the only place that satisfies me is the Temple nearby KLCC that sells Clean, Cheap, Real, and Vegetarian food.

Okla… damntiredwannasleep ZzZzZzZz…. KThnxBai!

Maxis Happenings.

On Monday I got a mail from Maxis: Catch Optimus and Bumblebee LIVE in Maxis. I was soooo excited! especially after I watched Transformers! The DAY finally arrived! Me and those Auntie  Uncles… Everyone forgot their work and went after Bee and Prime.

I saw some workers got Transformers T-Shirt + Maxis… I hope to get my hands on that T-SHirt!!!

Bumblebee ❤ I know you want to fight for Justice but sorry, You cannot attend Bersih 2.0!!

Optimus.. You only got 3 toes!!!! And big shoulder pads…

Back view… Poor thing! Very difficult for him to walk!

Sam Witwicky can have Bee. I can have my Octipus… his new nickname.. or whatever…

Prime likes me!! more…

We are here to Pose and to protect the world!!

Optimus Prime: I’M SO HAAAPPPYY!!!

BEE: Emoooooooo 😥

Posing again while waiting for the lift.

 Prime going into the lift first!

Poor Bee needs to go into the lift sideways…

Ever seen Optimus and Bee in a lift?

On Friday, we attended a Hi-Tea session with Jo Kukathas, a Malaysian Comedian. It was a free event for Maxis staff, so of course we didn’t want to miss the opportunity meeting her! 🙂

Took this image from a website. Jo Kukathas!!

Her characters as a comedian.

One of her characters as a YB. This is the character I like the most! Cracking political jokes 🙂

My first time stepping into Maxis’ Auditorium.

One of her TV Commercial ‘Funeral’ was a success because it was so touching :’)

She grew up in Canberra, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Britain and Malaysia.  I was surprised that she can change her characters in just a split second! She can change her voice very quickly too! I enjoyed this event as she was funny, bright and amazing. When I asked her to give me her autograph, she even double checked whether she wrote everything correctly. ❤ THANK YOU!! I’m waiting for the photographer to mail me the picture I took with her.

One thing I like about Maxis is, it’s a very Happening company. Good for those who enjoy events like these. Another thing is the food that Maxis prepares are super yummy! I remember having 4 awesome tea-breaks during training. Free yummy food during any Maxis event.

I hope Maxis organize more events before I leave 🙂

Today I should be attending Andrew’s 21st Birthday party… I really wanted to go to his SWAN house but MEI YOU YUAN!!! Haha. I’m so sorry Andrew!!! Hope you have an awesome night with your friends! And an awesome after party!

Transformers Fever.

Another week has gone by!! Last Wednesday when I stepped into the office, I got quite a shock! Balloons were everywhere in the office! Candies and a ticket were tied to each balloon. Some Hotlink event for internal staffs.

One balloon per workspace. My colleague left, so naturally, his workspace’s balloon and sweets are mine.

I know my workspace is a little messy….

Candies + Hotlink Internal Campaign card.

Food and Games and Prizes to win! Food is REALLY YUMMY! I REGRET that I went for lunch. 😛

Prizes I won!!! 3 cute pencils!! And one nice key chain! Hotlink Kiamsiap lo! Ask them gimme T-Shirt they don’t want! Next time I’ll kneel down and beg until they give me one!

Don’t know why I shared this but.. just to educate you guys about Maxis’ Latest Slogan: Now You Can!

Our department gave out SIX 8GB Thumb drives for the crossword puzzle winners.

On Thursday, I went home by bus. A lady got onto the bus and started acting crazy. She shouted at almost everyone in the bus… Targets were mostly Indian, Indonesian, Malay which are considered as “black-skinned”. Her famous words were

“You sendiri punya bangsa Jahat tak cakap? Cakap bangsa orang lain!”

“I pergi tokong sumpah saya tak pernah marah orang tau?” (Yea right!)

“I VERY HUNGRY YOU KNOW?” (What she wanted to say was: I very ANGRY you know?)

She spit on the bus and used her umbrella to attack people. One poor Chinese girl got attacked by her, got angry and walked down the bus. Several guys got hit by her umbrella few times but they chose to not fight back. One plump Malay lady got hit by the crazy lady’s umbrella a few times and She fought back!! Woohoo! So exciting!!  Then the bus driver spoke with the mic :” Oi Jangan gaduh gaduh ya!” (As if that helps.) She then continued attacking the Malay by verbally insulting her:

“See your clothes also know you buy from the market cheap clothes!”

“Gemuk macam LEMBU!” So bad la… 😦

Then she tried to call someone with her phone but she don’t know how to dial so she turned to me and asked for help. I was sooo scared and I helped her dial. She thanked me!! @.@

“Everyone is BULLYING ME!!!” She cried and cried… (EVERYONE in the bus almost fainted when she said that through her phone.)

“You are Chinese too so you must help me!!”

“Bring me to karaoke. I like to listen to songs to make myself happy!”

After crying to her friend on the phone, we all thought she finally calmed down. She suddenly stands up again and attack people with her umbrella!!! So crazy! When people scolded her for being crazy, she said :” I am NOT CRAZY! If I am, they would have sent me to Tanjung Rambutan already!” (I wonder why she is not there yet?)

Lovely Saturday! I met up with my fellow college mates. Miss them so much… Whenever I hear songs like “Bleeding Love” “Disturbia” “Forever” I always thought about our days at Taylors College. These were the songs during our college days! Nostalgia….

Went to the Bowling Place in MV. LIke CLUBBING!!! Got hitz music! The bowling balls Glows in the Dark! Felt like dancing at the Bowling Alley!

But PETER CHAO says not to dance at the bowling alley like Justin Bieber did 😦 So I didn’t 😦

We went to the arcade too but I only played the shooting game that doesn’t require you to hide! I LOVE THE SHOOTING GAME! Although I suck at it. Stupid Aliens keep attacking me 😦 Why can’t you guys just burst open yourselves???? Plus the stupid machine! Kept putting tokens in it and we can’t play! Bluff our money!!! 😦

I Watched Transformers!!! 🙂 So happy! I got to Mid Valley’s cinema at around 8.30 am and there was already a long line! The Cinema opens at 10am! What are you all doing here?!?!? After a long 2 hours queue, I finally bought the 3 tickets! From 11am till 5:30 pm left 1 or 2 seats. So I bought the last 3 tickets of 7pm transformers movie! We were seated at the front. Lucky our heads didn’t come off our neck.

Me, Jia Yiing, Chew Yuin, Wai Kit!! Pic with my super convenient Ang Ang.

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime will be at Menara Maxis tomorrow! Hope I have time for that! I want to take picture with them and be Rosie Huntington for a few minutes.

Also, I found a Super cute guy with nice voice on Youtube. I think he is Korean by the name of ROY KIM. If only I had a friend like that! If only….

Weekends are FUN!

Since the day I start working, I heard ambulance and police sirens almost everyday… and its not only once per day… Quite scary when you are working while thinking that someone met with an accident… Whoever they are, I hope that they are safe and sound and in the best of health.

I thought about something today. Backstabbing and Betraying. Everyone will experience both of it in their life. Its only a matter of whether you experienced more or less. I had a lot of experience. BUT, LUCKY for me. I have a bunch of friends in my university that are MATURE enough not to do these stuff.

Like the case in YNP. I wanted as little people involved as possible so didn’t tell anyone about what really happened. But ‘She’ doesn’t think the same way. ‘She’ wanted to be pitied and supported with what She did. I think ‘her’ BIGGEST problem is that she don’t even acknowledge the fact that ‘she’ is wrong. I think ‘she’ brainwashed ‘herself ‘ that she did the right thing, which is why ‘she’ did not apologize and start spreading the wrong rumors to protect herself.

Those poor girls out there thinks that ‘she’ is harmless and stuff.. Stop being so CHILDISH and IGNORANT. A harmless person won’t end up in the police station. Also, It is great to be supportive to your friend, but don’t go to the extent of harming the person on the opposite side.

For all the people out there, If you want to hear stories, Listen to BOTH SIDE of stories. And THINK before you start spreading rumors. YOU may think that you are “INFORMATIVE” and you can make friends with people by Badmouthing other people. You are wrong. I think that if you can badmouth about someone else in front of me, you can do the same thing to me in front of other people.

One more story I would like to share to readers of my blog. I met a group of people in Yellowstone and they were warm and friendly to everyone else. So one day I sat down with this group of people and they looked angry and serious and were chatting about “something”. They were actually backstabbing their “friend” from the same group. I heard them and I thought:” Wow, such “nice” friends.”  Every time I see the girl that was backstabbed by her group of friends, I feel so sad for her. Of course I wouldn’t tell her that her “friends” said bad stuff about her. They were such nice friends in front of her. I am sure that they did that to other members in their group. There is no way to avoid people like these no matter how careful you are because they are everywhere. Just be careful of the friends you mix with.

I don’t want this post to be full of hatred! So I’ll talk about my lovely life. Nowadays I did lots of window shopping in KLCC, especially in Cold Storage. I met up with my University friend. She’s madly in love so she always talks about her boyfriend which I can understand 🙂 Haha! Enjoy your first few stages of pak-tor-ing leh. You are in the sweetest stage now 😉

Zehang and Me

Next week I will have a full day training, meet up with my lovely Chek Hang and Jia Yiing. I can’t wait to see you Jia Yiing!

I was working and the fella wiping the windows gave me quite a shock. He sat in this thing.

Domo kun surrounded by Angry birds… You didn’t steal their eggs did you??

Papers flying around KLCC… not good 😦 Pollution.

Papers I need to shred. Can’t find or see anything important here. I think its a waste of resources by printing so many colored images. And now they need to be thrown away. I was so sad when I saw such waste of resources.

Thats all for this week. I only have time to update my blog every weekends coz I’ll be tired and busy during weekdays. 😥 See you people next week!


My blog is for me to COMPLAIN!!!! So recently I found out that SOMEONE or something had been using my office computer for the past few weeks!

1) Different usernames appear when I want to log in

2) This fella really likes to blast music in full volume

3) My desk is messy when I come to work almost everyday

4) I like my keyboard to be far away from me so that I can stretch my long, slim, pretty hands when I’m typing. When I came to work this morning, my keyboard had been pulled nearer to where I sit. Seems like this fella has short hands!!

Let’s play a game!! I spy with my biggie eye, something that has short hands!!!!

And today when I checked my email, someone read my email!!! Normally the emails that we have not read will be in BOLD. UNBOLD ones means that the email had been read. I saw BOLD BOLD BOLD UNBOLD BOLD BOLD BOLD BOLD UNBOLD BOLD BOLD…. 2 emails UNBOLD?? WTF!!! Who read my email???? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME??? ROOOAAAAAAAR!!!!

I saw an Angmo at KLCC’s ‘Coffee and Spice’ today… poor thing… Ate a spoon of curry laksa and coughed so badly!  Hahaha! And the whole time he was looking at the laksa like it was torturing him… taking small bites and drinking LOTS of water. But when my mee siam came…. sigh… shouldn’t have laughed at him.

Later I attended a meeting… I fell asleep 😥 I wanted to try to stay awake to “give face”  to my colleague coz he was talking… Too bad.. I was too tired. Could someone please teach me how to not sleep during work? Also, I’ve decided that I hate meetings. They’re so boring!!  From next week onwards I will be VERY busy coz my colleague left the company. 😦 So sad 😥 means more work for me!

Ahh… So tired! But I wanna watch anime! 😛 I can’t find Rurouni Kenshin episode 30!! Why???

Spooky Maxis :o

So today! My supervisor at Maxis told me about stories in Menara Maxis… Ghost stories where she heard noises but never saw anyone around… like someone typing the keyboard and doors that opened and closed by themselves….. I’m never gonna stay for OT!!! Please! I don’t need this kind of experience!! TOUCH WOOD! *Searching for wood to touch*. Nowadays its very difficult to search for wood to touch…. you see a table, and the surface was designed to look like wood but when you touch it, it is plastic!!! Then you found a chair made of bamboo and you happily run towards the chair but WAIT!!! Is bamboo a wood??? 😦 this world is so confusing!!! Hahaha… I don’t know what crap am I talking now!!

She said that normally those “noises” came from cubicles which are empty and spacious…. Come to think of it I have a very large desk and It is empty because I don’t put stuff on my desk… My working space is quite spacious… GULP!!! Tomorrow I’m gonna bring all my Uni books to office!!! No wonder whenever I adjust the speaker  volume to mute, the next day the volume will always be adjusted to maximum!! Maybe the computer adjust the volume itself… or someone used my comp after I leave the office…

My spacious workplace…. If you can see… quite dark!

Also, my supervisor wants to hire another intern just to prevent me from being too bored! :’) So touched! I’m really bored in Maxis because I have no friends to talk to! Imagine a poor, young, pretty, cute, innocent, carefree intern walking past those manager and CEO’s office 😥 If those CEO are young, strong and handsome I don’t mind walking past a few times! But but but….. AIH! Waste my saliva… I mean ‘my energy’ typing about the lack of ‘princes’ in my office!

I’m just very curious about one thing! I was informed that Maxis selected 10 candidates for internship, but only 3 of us got an offer letter from Maxis. “3 of us” means that I am included 😛 So if my department needed another intern… why didn’t they send offer letter to others in my university?? So weird! The other 7 candidates were happy that they were selected but were disappointed when they didn’t get the offer letter… Why is this happening?? You tell people that they are selected yet you don’t give them their offer letter? Its like a huge slap on their faces!

Ok.. feel so tired complaining… luckily by the time i reach office, a few people are already there and my supervisor always leaves later than I do… so not much of a problem…

Before I end my “speech” tonight!  Great days! So nice to meet up old friends! Pictures from the past :’)